Dear StableDoc Community –
It has been an incredibly busy quarter for our Devs teams. And we have made big progress on all fronts.

Our Telehealth Mobile App is currently in Beta Testing phase and the feedback sent to our developers are being worked on currently.

Very importantly, we are excited to announce that our Staking and Farming Platform is set and we are currently waiting for Certik Audit final report before we go live. Preliminary Audit report has been released by Certik and we are super glad to note there were no critical issues. We are now working with our team of developers to act quickly on the recommendations from Certik after which we shall forward to Certik before the final Report.

We commend all of you for the massive support for the project. The wait time is almost over, and you will be able to earn on your HODL.

As we plan to imminently launch the staking and farming platform, two things we want to share with you.

First, Rewards For Our Dedicated Community…..

to reward all our Truly Supportive Community Members, we have created what we called Early Birds Staking and Farming Waitlist for our community. The reward APY has been coded to favor early Stakers and Farmers. As more and more people are entering, the APY is meant to reduce to go round as total reward for a day is fixed. This is because we do not mint new tokens for reward but from the fixed amount noted in our Tokenomics. In other words, our SDT smart contract is immutable and it is impossible to mint new tokens.

The link to waitlist form will be live once we get the final Audit report from Certik. Ensure you are active in our social media platforms in order not to miss out on this.

….Secondly, We Explain Staking

For all the crypto newbies in our community and all those who are not familiar with the concept of Staking, we are glad to explain what it means and how you can earn on your SDT HODL even when sleeping.
Staking in cryptocurrencies is a process that involves committing your crypto assets such as Stabledoc Token ($SDT) to support a blockchain network and in turn earn rewards. It is a feature available on Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, an alternative method to achieve network consensus that is less energy intensive than the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms of Bitcoin and Ethereum 1.0. In PoW, computers running the networks use intensive power to solve complex equations to earn block rewards, known as mining, and at the same time help to secure and decentralize the network. PoS is an alternative method that usually involves putting up a certain amount of a coin or token, known as your stake, which allows you to participate in governance of the network and provide distributed network consensus.

By locking your coins or token in a PoS network, the protocol may randomly choose your stake to verify a block and typically earn block rewards. While some protocols give those with larger stakes more of an opportunity to be chosen, not all networks base this off of the amount of coins or tokens staked. Some take into account other factors that could impact the amount you earn from staking. Those factors include how long the user has been staking, how many total coins or tokens are staked on the network, or if there is an inflation or deflation rate on the coins or tokens. In our case (SDT) the amount is fixed and early stakers earn more.

Many protocols may have a minimum to put up your own stake, but exchanges and other providers often allow users to add to a staking pool in exchange for receiving a part of staking rewards. As you can imagine, the ability to earn passive income while staking cryptocurrency can be a great opportunity, especially as an alternative — or adjunct — to simply holding long term.

Why Stake $SDT? And Why So Early?
In exchange for staking $SDT tokens, you can earn high APY on your staked tokens, even higher for Early Birds. As the number of SDT Staking participants increases, the APY will gradually stabilize downward as more and more participants are coming in. In order words, the earlier you stake your SDT after Platform launch, the more you will earn compared to those going in later. All SDT holders and staking participants will be able to pay for Telemedicine services with their SDT tokens or earned tokens. By staking your SDT, you are directly contributing to the growth of StableDoc ecosystem entirely.

Why Farm SDT?
This is closely related to staking above. However in the case of farming, you are required to provide the equivalent worth of SDT in BNB, BUSD or USDT (in the case of SDT farming), thereby contributing to the liquidity pool and earning Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens which can be harvested later and converted to the token of your choice.

How to Stake and Farm
The concepts of Staking and Farming and how to participate will be discussed on our platform through voice chats or typed chats for the benefit of those who might not be familiar with both. Our moderators will be willing to answer all your questions.

For more details on StableDoc please visit:


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